Thursday, April 30, 2009


Aylenne sleeping 4-29

Isn't she beautiful?

As you can see, she no longer requires any tubes, wires, or monitors. She is still in the hospital so that they can monitor her bilirubin levels and weight gain, but she is able to be in Jacque's room now, except when they whisk her away for testing. (Jacque was officially released from the hospital on Monday, but she and Asher are allowed to stay there, space permitting, as long as needed, so that Jacque can nurse, etc.) Aylenne is eating fairly well now and gained half an ounce yesterday. If weight gain continues, Jacque and Asher hope to be able to take her home no later than Saturday.


Sandi said...

She is beautiful!

Thanks for the update.

Eva & Solomon said...

I can see the family resemblance there! Glad to hear she is doing well. Praying for them:)