Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Pictures

Today I thought I would share two recent, classic snapshots of Meg and Matthew, respectively. They're classic because they capture my kids in behaviors that are typical and revealing of each, as you will see.

Here's Meg in a memorable get-up of her own creation: Matthew's hat, Mommy's reusable shopping bag, Mommy's boots, her own onesie and sweater. Oh, and... not much on her lower half. (Recently she's spent more time than usual in a no-pants state, due to potty training.)
Meg Dressed Up

And here's Matthew, again at the Natural History museum. In the Hall of Mammals, he found this wonderful, bright orange button. When pushed, the button caused this story wheel to rotate inside the display and show new pictures and a new part of the story. Well, Matthew clicked that button more times than I could count. Never mind that he can't read the story--he was barely tall enough to see the pictures! It was all about power to him, cause and effect, the ability to take an action and see something happen as a direct result. Meanwhile, another boy, probably nine years old, was moving studiously along the display, reading as he came. Finally, he arrived at Matthew's side and stood there politely patient, casting furtive and longing glances at the button. So I snapped a picture and then rescued the button from Matthew's monopoly. After all, others needed the chance to taste its power too.
Matthew With Button


Shannon Anderson said...

I so love your kids. Every snap shop I see and little story I read makes them all the more dear to me.

Anonymous said...

These are just too cute! We love your blog. Jan