Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Celebration

These pictures are from our second annual spring celebration, which took place two Mondays ago, when my sister, Jacque, and her family were in town. We kept it simple, since my kids were sick and we were also trying to squeeze in a belated Easter luncheon (high fevers the day before made it tough to celebrate on Sunday). First, the egg-dyeing.

Matthew was utterly nonplussed with this activity. Why he should be strapped into a booster seat, pulled up to a table, girded with an apron, faced with beautiful cups of liquid color and pure white eggs but not permitted to eat anything was quite beyond him.
Spring09 1

A hard-boiled snack was only a temporary distraction from his general discontent that morning. Sick little boy went down for a very early nap that day.
Spring09 3

Ari, my nephew, fared a bit better.
Spring09 5

Of course, he was mostly interested in making a mess.
Spring09 7

Meanwhile, Meg was delighted with the whole process.
Spring09 2
(Is that a precious little smile, or what?)

After lunch and naps we were out the door for an egg hunt. I found that supervising two children during one of these doesn't allow for much picture-taking. This is especially true when one child is only eighteen months old, has no clue what's going on, and constantly has to be urged/coaxed/forced to continue hunting! But here are the shots I did get.

"I found another one!"
Spring09 8

"Wait a minute..."
Spring09 9

"This isn't the kind with candy inside!"
Spring09 10

Shortly after I took this one, we realized that Matthew's temperature was soaring, so our egg hunt ended rather abruptly, with no time for me to search the yard and make sure the kids had gotten everything. Yesterday my mom informed me that she found two eggs that we missed. Oops!

I was a dummy and failed to get any pictures of my sister, who is probably... let's see, I guess about 35 weeks pregnant now. She looks great, as usual, and is doing well, but she is looking forward to having that little girl out rather than in! We are too... I can't wait to meet and hold my very first niece!

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