Sunday, April 26, 2009

News From the Ever-Growing Nalle Clan

My niece done got bornded... a whole month early!

Quite to my astonishment, my sister Jacque went into labor yesterday and promptly delivered her little girl. We were rather taken aback by this news, as her first baby, Ari, came late. This time around, given a due date in late May, we were thinking we might end up with a June baby. Well, surprise! How about April?

Her name is Aylenne Mereille Spruill. It's French, which, if you know my sister and brother-in-law, will not come as a surprise. Think "ay-LEN mir-AY," and you'll have an approximate pronunciation. Aylenne, apparently, is the French equivalent of Helen, but it sounds ever so much lovelier to my ears!

Details are still a bit sparse and cloudy, but here's what I know. Aylenne was six pounds something at birth. As she was on the premature side, there was some concern about her little lungs. Evidently she was having trouble breathing by herself, so she had to spend most of her first day with a respirator, etc. Last I heard, she was breathing by herself and (hopefully) beginning to learn what nursing is all about. Hospital release date is still unknown, but, of course, Jacque and Asher are hoping for sooner rather than later. Me too! My mom drove down to Norfolk today, so I'll probably have more news as she settles in and gets to talk with everyone in person.

I have only seen one picture, which I am unfortunately unable to post here. It was not the clearest of shots, but here are my general observations:
1. This little girl is très , très cute (naturellement!).
2. She does have just a bit of dark hair (Ari did not).
3. She does not immediately remind one of my Uncle Ed (Ari did).

I am dying to cuddle her wee little self!


Sandi said...

Glad to hear Aylenne is doing better. Your mom emailed yesterday so I have been praying.

Awaiting the pictures...and yes, the clan is growing like crazy. Still longing to see all these littles ones face to face,as well as all the big people!

Pass on my congrats too Jacque :o)

Will and Sena said...

Hooray!!! Please tell Jacque that I am so thrilled for her, and grateful that sweet baby seems to be well despite coming so early!
What a beautiful name too... next time I see you, you'll have to pronounce it for me. =)
God is so good!