Monday, April 14, 2008

Separate Ways

This morning my David is off to Louisville, KY, where he'll attend Together for the Gospel this week. I'm so excited that, for the first time in six years or more, he'll get to just go and attend something that will really feed his soul. No tech responsibilities, no overseeing teams, no laboring behind the scenes. Just the chance to go and be a part of the "audience" and soak in the truth. What a gift!

The rest of us Wilcoxes are headed down to Gaithersburg to spend a few days with Mom, Lena, Jacque and Ari. We plan to talk, laugh, eat, play with babies, talk some more, sing, eat some more, cry a little (I'm going to be there, after all), and just enjoy some sweet girl time. I hope to take pictures and commemorate our special time here on the blog... some time. Probably Thursday, at the very earliest.

Also, today is Matthew's seven-month birthday! What a big boy! And man, oh, man, what a cutie. We just love this little fellow. More on that later too...

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Mike & Sarah said...

Cara, I just love those pictures at the top of the blog comparing the EYES in your family! It is really remarkable how the boys and girls resemble each other (respectively)!