Monday, April 07, 2008

Hey, We Have A New Look!

After about six months of experimenting in our snatches of spare time together, Dave and I finally completed a blog makeover last night. (For those of you who use aggregators, seeing the changes will require actually visiting our website. Just in case you'd forgotten how that works.)

My hubby gets full credit for slogging through all of the html code to make this happen. Me, I just say, "Make it this color!" and "Put this picture here!" and he does all of the hard stuff. (Leave it to someone who actually enjoys the challenge, I say.) Now, I'm no designer, so if you don't like what we've done, I'll understand. But I'm fairly pleased with it for now. It's brighter and more clean than our old black template, and it's got some pretty, spring-like colors! Ahhhhh... it's nice to have a fresh start.

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