Saturday, April 05, 2008

Conversations With Meg, #1

At today's lunch, the following scene brought me some giggles.

Meg: (Coming into the kitchen as I am mashing avocado for Matthew and pointing at the bowl) Eat it? Eat it?
Mommy: No, Sweetie, this is for Matthew.
Meg: (Suddenly verging on tears) Eat it! Eat it?
Mommy: No, Meg, Matthew's going to eat his lunch, and then you're going to have your lunch in just a few minutes.
Meg: Waaaaahhhhhhhhh! (Sobbing as if in utter despair)
Mommy: (Chuckling, to self) Oh, good grief! (Stops making baby food, picks Meg up) You know what, Sweetie? I think you're extra hungry right now because you didn't eat enough breakfast. That's why you need to eat your oatmeal at breakfast time, so you won't be so hungry before lunch. Now, would you like to have some raisins while you wait for Matthew to eat his lunch?
Meg: No. (Sniffs, gestures hopefully to her slowly dwindling stash of Easter candy) Choc'late bunny, somefing like dat?

Holy moly, what a girl! At age two, she has already learned a profound... er, truth: no sorrow is too great, no trial too bitter for the sweet consolation of chocolate.

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Jerusha said...

love you new blog makeover. :)