Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

Yesterday we had the perfect play snow--four inches of pure, white fun. And Dave got to be home with us to enjoy it! (Unfortunately this was primarily because he's been sick, but we'll take Daddy any day, for any reason.)

My mom and dad gave Dave and Meg sleds for Christmas, so in the early evening, we headed out to test them. Here's Meg taking a run in her little toddler toboggan. Isn't it cute? My mom found it a yard sale!
Snowy 1

Boy, did she like it! (This picture is so small you can hardly see her smile, but trust me--it's there, and it's big!)
Snowy 2

Mommy's turn to pull. (Yes, I run like a girl. Or, if you have a really unusual imagination like one of my friends, you might say that I run like a flamingo.)
Snowy 3

Here's Dave and Meg taking the big sled for a spin.
Snowy 4

And here's the same picture cropped and zoomed so you can see Meg's face as she flies down the hill in her daddy's arms.
Snowy 7

Did I mention that it was the perfect snow for playing? It packed down just beautifully. I took a couple of turns on the sled myself and wooshed down that hill like it was glass. (I realized that this was my first time on a sled in at least eight years! Criminal!) Anyway, since the snow was so great, we decided to build a snow man. Here he is, posing with Dave and Meg:
Snowy 5

And here he is with me and Meg, right before I fell over in the snow. Oomph.
Snowy 6

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