Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Four Months Old (by Matthew)

Matthew4Mos 8

Hi, everyone! It's me, Matthew, the four-month old. My daddy and mama say that means that I've been alive for one-third of a year. Pretty impressive, huh?

What's new with me since my last post? Well, we haven't been to the doctor for my four-month appointment yet, so I can't tell you exactly how much I've grown. But I'm definitely getting big--more in the long way than in the chunky way--and strong too. If you hold my hands, I can pull up to a sit using my own tummy-strength. I like to sit or stand up (with a little help in the balance department) and look all around the room I'm in. And I'm able to hold up my head during tummy time too.

Here's some other new stuff about me: I'm getting pretty good at grabbing objects in front of me--toys, fingers, grown-up collars, etc. I usually sleep about nine or ten hours at night before I need to be fed; 12-13 hours total. I'm starting to take longer naps during the day, but I'm not very consistent yet. Unfortunately, I have stopped taking a bottle. This makes my folks' date night a little more interesting, but they haven't given up on getting me to drink from that thing!

On the social front, I really like being around other people. I love watching my big sister do anything. I'm a huge talker and have recently graduated from soft coos and murmurs to louder coos and shrieks. (Don't worry, though; they're happy shrieks.) Mommy and Dad get a huge kick out of my talking, because Meg really didn't make any sounds (except for crying and laughing) until she was over a year old. I also love to laugh, especially at tickles on my tummy or kisses on my chin.

Here are some pictures of me during my fourth month. Meg loves to "hold" me and often asks for the privilege. (Of course, I don't always respond with perfect joy.)
Matthew4Mos 1

Matthew4Mos 3

Daddy snoozing with me on the couch:
Matthew4Mos 4

Hangin' out with my best buddy Jack:
Matthew4Mos 5

Matthew4Mos 7

Me and Cubby:
Matthew4Mos 10

Matthew4Mos 9


The Marcantonios said...

Looks like he likes the PJ's! Four months! Wow! What a lovely round number. Did you know 2X2 is four and 2+2 is four? Amazing.

Mari said...

Matthew: You sure are handsome!
Tell your mommy I'm glad she found our blog. Oh, and since you are quite the blogger, feel free to make comments on our on how we can improve and stuff

Charisa said...

amazing how fast 4 months goes. He's so handsome :)