Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chistmas Past: Hats

After our Christmas morning celebration here at the house, we headed down to Palmyra, Virginia for our "big family" celebration. Hosted by Gran and Grandpop almost every year, the extended Nalle family now includes 22 people... and one dog. (That is to say that Alfie is always in attendance at these gatherings, ever since he became my Aunt Sam's "baby" a year or so ago.)

Speaking of Aunt Sam, you might not know that my dad's very chic and up-to-date sister has taken up the old-fashioned art of knitting. Every Christmas for the last several years there's been something under the tree that came from Sam's busy needles. This year she made hats for the babies: matching bold colors for Ari and Matthew and something a bit more feminine for Meg. Here's Ari modeling his on Christmas night:

And here are some shots of my two wee ones wearing theirs after we arrived back at home. Ain't they cute?
Hats 1

Big sister takes center stage. (Where does she get that?)
Hats 2

Matthew gives us a little bit of profile:
Hats 3

"Smell this, Buddy!"
Hats 4

"Hey, we look really silly in these things!"
Hats 5

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The Marcantonios said...

Meg looks like the Grinch in one of those pictures. Sooo cute!