Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dressing Up

For Meg's birthday, we got her a little trunk of dress-up clothes. It consists of five outfits (which are conceptually probably ripped of from Disney): a ball gown, a wedding dress, a gypsy-princess dress, a mermaid costume and a little fairy outfit. I figured when I bought it that this would be a gift Meg would grow into later this year or even next year, as her imagination develops and she starts pretending more.

Well, sometime last week she decided that these costumes are her new favorites. She now wears them all day, every day if she is allowed--including the little pair of "glass slippers" that came with the rest of the stuff.

The first days she got all decked out, she chose the wedding dress. With the royal cape, of course. And the fake pearl necklace that Mommy gave her. (Are girls born with the need to accessorize or is that learned?)
DressUp 1

Here are the slippers, which Meg calls "lala shoes" (umbrella shoes). I think she thinks those shiny little doo-dads on top of the shoes look like umbrellas. Fair enough.
DressUp 2

That thing on her head, which she thinks is a hat, is actually a sort of tube top for the mermaid outfit. (I think I'll just let her believe it's a hat and skip the mermaid thing altogether, even though this is a comparatively modest version.) Actually it makes kind of a cute hat--looks like something a flapper might have worn.
DressUp 3

Here is the gypsy dress, the one toward which she gravitates most often:
DressUp 4

A different manifestation of the gypsy dress, with Matthew's ducky bib (naturally!):
DressUp 6

The princess goes to the ball:
DressUp 5

The princess goes casual:
DressUp 7

Girls are so fun!


Anonymous said...

Just love these! We share them with GreatGrandma Wilcox and she just loves them. Jan

Mrs. "M" said...

We are big dress up fans around here too...even at 7 years old. Girls love to be princesses!