Monday, July 30, 2007

Someone's in The Kitchen...

Last Friday's activity time found Meg making her first venture into the world of cooking. Well, not really cooking, in the most literal sense, since there was no heat applied to anything, but at least into the world of working with food. We got out some dry beans, some flour, a couple of mixing bowls, a wooden spoon and some measuring cups, and, well... you can just see for yourself.

Stirring the beans:
First Cooking 1

Now getting into the flour... Mommy didn't spread quite enough newspaper for this.
First Cooking 2

Hmm... what does flour taste like, anyway?
First Cooking 3

Now it's getting good. Mixing the flour and beans together:
First Cooking 4

The finished product--a culinary wonder:
First Cooking 6

Sweet floury hand print on my cabinets:
First Cooking

Who wouldn't want to kiss this cook?
First Cooking 5

1 comment:

Mrs. "M" said...

Too cute! I have a picture of my two making cookies one Christmas that looks similiar...there were just no beans involved LOL!