Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cutest Little Momma On the Block

Meg's loving Daddy bought her a gift last night. It's a doll stroller.

You see, Meg has a little problem with the Idol of Stroller. Whenever we are out and about and she sees a stroller sitting untended, she races to grab the handles and start pushing it. Sometimes the stroller has a real, live baby in it, and you get the feeling maybe that baby's mom doesn't want her child kidnapped by a one-year old. Sometimes, it's simply not wise for Meg to push the stroller in question, like when it's sitting on the sidewalk in front of someone's townhouse and we have no idea to whom it belongs. But telling our daughter that she may not touch a stroller that she has set her heart on pushing... well, let's just say it usually results in an opportunity to practice loving discipline. :)

Anyway, Dave had the idea to get her a little stroller of her own. This morning we went for a walk to break it in--just me, my baby, and my baby's baby. (Sorry about the doll nudity in the following pics.)

Here she comes...
Doll Stroller 1

Life is good.
Doll Stroller 2

Doin' the mommy thing:
Doll Stroller 3

And there she goes.
Doll Stroller 4

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judi said...

How sweet she is!!! I love this post, it gives me a wonderful glimpse of what I have to look forward to. :)