Monday, July 23, 2007

All Alone

Wow. My house is... quiet. On a weekday morning! This can only mean one thing: my Meg must be absent.

And she is, because this morning, Dave had to go to work (even though it's his day off) for an hour or two, and he decided to take our girl with him! Dave had to go in to meet some guys who are at the church to do a thorough check of all the sound equipment in the auditorium. There have been some small but consistent issues with the system recently, so Dave decided to hire some folks to come in and work through every cable, every speaker, every line, every connection and find out where the problems lie--and fix 'em! It's supposed to take this whole week! (These guys are from the same company that installed the system when we built the new room in 2002--can you believe we've been enjoying our great big auditorium for five whole years??)

Anyway, today would normally be the morning when Dave keeps Meg at home so I can get out on my own for a while, but since he couldn't be here, and since what he has to do at church is pretty casual, he decided to try taking Meg along. Hence, the rooms of my house lack their normal noise--the constant babbling, laughing, running, whining, clapping, playing, screeching sounds of my very energetic 19-month old.

My husband was so cute about taking her along--I think he was sort of excited. He got her up, dressed her and fed her breakfast himself (while allowing me a little extra sleep), switched her car seat to his car and packed up snacks, a sippy cup and Meg's rubber ball. He's hoping to keep her amused in the auditorium while he chats with the guys for a while and then head out for some Daddy-Megger time on the new playground out back. He is such a wonderful dad.

Speaking of wonderful, let me let you in on a little email exchange between Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox. It took place this past Saturday, when Dave worked (as he often does on Saturdays) from about 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

I wrote:
Hi, Darling.

I know you'll be wiped out when you get home tonight, but I have a request for you. Could you try to save just a little bit of strength for giving your wife a back massage? Somehow I did something to my upper back this morning, and it's been bothering me all day. I think a little bit of rubbing might help it though... if you're up for it.

I love you so. Thank you for all of the ways you serve the Lord--at church, at home, in public and in secret.

And my husband replied:
Hi, sweetheart.

My energy is first for you and then for everyone else. I’ll be ready to give a back massage when I get home!

Isn't he amazing? I am such a blessed woman.


Jerusha said...

Wonderful post! How did Meg do with Dad at work?

Cara said...

Somewhat surprisingly, she did great! The guys from the sound company didn't show up right away, so Dave got to take her out on the playground first and get some of her wigglies out. I'm sure that helped. Once they got to the auditorium, Dave said she probably obeyed about 50% of the time when told not to run out the big, open double doors into the huge, inviting lobby. (Yeah, right.) So we have that to work on! But overall, it worked out well. Thanks for asking!