Wednesday, July 25, 2007



As of yesterday, Meg is on a new, more structured schedule that includes a daily "activity time". Today's activity: watercolor painting. The result of our 15-minute session is above. Obviously, we have a prodigious artistic talent on our hands. Donations to Meg's Art School Fund can be sent to our address, c/o Cara Wilcox.

In all seriousness, my lesson of the day is that "activities" are really good for mommies as well as for little ones. As I held my squirmy girl and tried to keep her from completely overturning the jar of water that we used to clean our brush between colors, I felt a slight tug at my heart. It was the temptation to be frustrated, to want Meg to stop sticking her whole arm into the water jar and pay attention to the paints, to tell her to stop wrinkling the paper, to want her not to muddy the colors by poking her brush into more than one of them at a time.

But at the same time, I felt the sweeter, stronger tug of the Holy Spirit as He seemed to whisper: "Cara, enjoy this. Watch your daughter's wonder and joy as she makes her own discoveries. Watch her play and learn; watch her be a child." In that moment, God's grace helped me to step out of my stodgy, grownup expectations and step into Meg's shoes for a moment. Suddenly, I was as delighted as she was--even if all we had was the pleasure of swishing an arm in a jar full of colored water.

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