Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today at our church hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of Micah Davis.  Micah, who died on Wednesday, was only three years old.  He had a rare form of brain cancer, and though God extended his life far beyond the predictions of the doctors, He did not choose to eradicate the cancer and give Micah a "normal" life.  Instead, He chose to take this precious little boy Home--to Heaven, where no sickness or confusion or pain will ever again touch him.

We have prayed fervently for the Davis family for many months.  They have been an amazing example of steadfast trust in God through the entirety of Micah's illness.  We respect and admire them so much, even as we weep with them now.  Please pray that God will continue to sustain and comfort Luke and Kriscinda, Micah's parents, as well as the rest of their dear family.

I cannot imagine the grief and anguish of losing a child.  Then again, I also cannot imagine the joy and peace and the wonders that now surround Micah, as he rests in the loving arms of Jesus Christ and gazes on His beautiful face.  Glory be to the One who has made a way for us to enter eternity.  We can't wait to join you there, Micah.

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