Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Visit With Family

Grandma Dawn, Grandpa Tom and Meg

Just moments ago, we said goodbye to our favorite Michiganers. That's right--Dave's dear mother and step-dad were here this week, and we enjoyed our time with them very much. Meg especially loved having her grandparents here--now that she is big enough to really play and socialize with others, having company is a real treat for her! (Note: We didn't get a lot of great pics, but the few shown here will at least give you a taste of the fun Meg had with her very attentive Grandma and Grandpa!)

Grandma Reading to Meg

Mom and Tom, as we call them, arrived here on Sunday evening and stayed through this morning. Unfortunately, Dave and I were both sick for much of their stay, and I'm afraid we managed to pass our colds on to Tom. However, we did still get to take some outings--a playground, a couple of restaurants, and a notable antiquing expedition which I will have to cover in more detail in some other post. (Hint: Mom and Tom were the ones who wanted to look at antiques, but--thanks mostly to Mom and Tom--Dave and I scored the big bargain!)

Grandma and Meg with Leggos

Most of all, we enjoyed talking and catching up as an extended family. Since we only get to see Dave's folks one to two times a year, every moment we have with them is precious. We are so grateful for Mom and Tom's love, generosity and willingness to make the trip "down south" to visit us. We pray that God grants them safe travel on their two-day trek back to Merritt, MI and all manner of grace until we see them again.

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Jerusha said...

I'm glad you had such a nice time with family. But what I happened to notice in the pictures was the paint color on the walls in the background. :) Seems like some projects have gotten done since I was last over. Of course the last few times I came over I was just dumping my kids on you and I didn't even come inside- how sad of me.