Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Little Momma Jacqua

Sunday evening, Meg and I arrived back home after visiting my sister Jacque in Chesapeake, Virginia. It was a great trip. Of course, I can never get enough of my mom and sisters when we have those rare times all together, but I cherish the time we do have.

I'm afraid I didn't fulfill my promise to have lots of pictures, and in fact, I have none at all from Jacque's shower. (I was on Mommy duty the whole time.) But I can tell you that Asher and Jacque's care group leaders, the Alexanders, hosted a lovely celebration and thoroughly blessed my sister on Saturday afternoon. All of the kind women who have become Jacque's friends brought gifts for the baby, so I believe the (very) young man will find himself well equipped when he arrives a month or so hence. It was so nice to meet some of Jacque's co-workers and care group members and see for ourselves the warm circle in which she and Asher now move. We are grateful to know that they are well loved.

Here is a picture of the soon-to-be Mommy, hastily taken as she prepared to walk out the door for church on Sunday morning.
Jacqua Momma

And here is one of the two of us together, at about 15 weeks and 35 weeks pregnant, respectively. (Yes, I am still in my pajamas.)
Pregnant Sissies

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