Saturday, April 21, 2007

Moving Right Along

Just the briefest of posts to say that Baby Inside is definitely moving now! For many weeks I was feeling what I thought could be his/her movements, though I really wasn't sure. But about what I feel now--probably several times a day for about the last week--there can be no doubt! The small, delicate and distinct flutterings of that tiny life inside me (a baby at 17 weeks gestation measures about 5 inches long) come at quiet moments, when I am sitting still and alert. There can be no confusing them with tummy burblings--these are the real deal, the sign I have waited for, the experience that, more than any other, makes my pregnancies (so far) depart from the realm of surrealism.

We're having another baby! He/she is alive and kicking around in there! What a miracle! What a gift!

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