Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Glorious Monday

Cherry Blossoms Close-Up

Dave and I recently made a change to our schedule. Instead of doing Date Night on Monday evenings, we now reserve every Monday, which is Dave's day off, for Family Day. My husband has been working to make our Mondays special and memorable for the whole family. And boy, did he hit a home run this week!

Meg Close-Up

After Meg's morning nap (during which she did not actually sleep), we packed up our picnic lunch and headed down to D.C. to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather and the cherry blossoms. After a longer-than-expected drive (construction back-up at the American Legion Bridge?) and a slow but successful quest for a parking space, we joined the mass of humanity converging on the Tidal Basin.

It was one of the most perfect days I can remember. An amazingly blue sky, great, airy white clouds, the sun sparking off of the water, a breeze to cut the sun's heat, and delicate pink blossoms filling the air--we just couldn't have asked for more beauty in a single afternoon. All three of us were delighted to be out of doors, soaking in the sunlight and fresh air. And Meg was fascinated by the great crowds of people all around her: walking, biking, pushing strollers, lying in the grass, taking pictures, buying Italian ices en masse, playing games and paddle boating.

Meg in Hat

One funny incident: Meg is really into balls these days. While we were in Virginia this weekend, she spent some quality time with one of those big rubber balls similar to what elementary schools use for kick ball games. She loved carrying it around, rolling it to Mama, picking it back up, and carrying it around some more.

Well, on one of our stroller stops near the Tulip Library/Paddle Boats side of the Basin, Meg was strolling contentedly about the grass when she spotted another little girl, probably about two years old, with a soccer ball. Immediately, Meg made a beeline for this girl. The other child saw her coming and snatched up her ball, shielding it from Meg with her body. Then she changed her mind, and, as Meg approached, graciously offered it to her new friend. Only, Meg wasn't interested in being friends. She just wanted that ball. And she didn't want to share it with its rightful owner. After several attempts at entreating her to play with the other little girl, during which Meg grew increasingly frustrated with Daddy, Daddy decided it was necessary to just give the ball back and remove his daughter from temptation. At this, Meg erupted into loud wails. And the other little girl, whose older brothers had, by this time, come up to claim the ball, stretched out her hand and gently brushed Meg's cheek, as if to say, "It's okay. I understand." Unfortunately Meg was not even slightly comforted by this gesture, but it was a very sweet moment, nonetheless.

Here are some more pictorial mementos of our glorious outing. Here's the view from our picnic spot:
Picnic View

Daddy and his girl:
Meg and Daddy Cherry Blossoms 2

Blossoms abundant:
Blossoms Abundant

Taking a little walk:
<span class=

Mommy and Baby:
Meg and Momma Cherry Blossoms

The sweet smell of spring:
Enjoying the Day

A stroll with Dada:
Meg and Daddy Walking

So happy together;
Meg and Momma Cherry Blossoms 2

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