Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Late Night Conversation

On Friday my husband blessed my heart tremendously by posting a very kind birthday message on Facebook and here. His words, perhaps, gave you one perspective of our marriage. Now here's a completely different angle.

Last night as we were supposed to be heading to bed, I somehow stumbled on a video for the Buttercup, a little jar that (as advertised) allows you to make your own butter quickly and easily. Dave meandered around, tidying up while I watched, entranced. When the video ended...

Dave: All right, to bed.

Me: A Buttercup! That's so cute!

Dave: A buttercup is a flower.

Me: But you can make your own butter!

Dave: It's just... butter. Who cares?*

Me: No, you don't understand! I've always wanted to make my own butter, ever since I was little and first read about Laura doing it!

Dave: That's not how Laura did it.

Me: (Laughing) I am a romantic. I have to romanticize these things.

Dave: (Grinning) And I'm here to balance you out.

Me: You're not balancing me out; you're squelching me!

(Mutual chuckling.)

Dave: (Mockingly) Ever since I read about Henry Ford I wanted to make my own car!

Me: You used to read?**

Dave: Touché.

*I tend toward the foodie end of the spectrum, whereas Dave's more of a Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese guy.

**Married to a passionate reader, my husband again serves as my foil by generally doing no hobby-reading at all.

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