Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Birthday to My Bride!

You may have noticed that I (Dave) don't post here often, but some occasions do deserve special attention. My wife's birthday is definitely one of those occasions. I first posted the following on Facebook and received more Likes and Comments than anything I've ever posted there. Clearly, Cara is the best thing I've got going!

It's my wife Cara's birthday today. Even though she's not on facebook, I'm writing this to "rise up and call her blessed," and to "let her works praise her in the gates" (Proverbs 31:28, 31), for she is an excellent wife.

I'm so proud of her because she lives like Jesus. She gives to the very end of herself for others.

Most of what she spends her time on might be considered "easy" by some, but they are far from easy. Making a meal, running a load of laundry, cleaning the dishes: they could be easy the first time. And maybe the 10th time. But they're not so easy the 4000th time or 8000th time. God's love endures forever, and my wife shows our family what he's like by the many loving things she does over and over and over and over, ad infinitum.

What's more, in the middle of all the "mundane," she disciples our family in worshipping God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. She teaches the kids songs and scriptures, math and reading, self-control and peacemaking, praying and sharing. On many days, late into the night after the kids are in bed, she listens to my raw thoughts, joys, frustrations, ideas, emotions, and desires and helps guide me into God's truth. She is my stabilizer.

Others she lives for? Her extended family, our friends, the kids in Discovery Land, the teens in her Tree House Gang. Late night script writing, craft making, party planning, phone calling, dessert making - she loves to love.

I am grateful to God for her and blessed to be her husband.

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Shannon said...

Amen. Well said. I am so blessed to call her my friend and "sister".