Saturday, January 10, 2015

"De" Poems

This year we're using Michael Clay Thompson's language arts curriculum for Meg and Matthew. We're studying Latin stems to help build vocabulary, and in each lesson the kids are supposed to write a poem using some words containing that stem. Yesterday we finished the lesson on "de," which means "down," and the kids' poems were so cute I wanted to post them here.

(In our text book, the author often uses a stem as the name of a character. Both of the kids did the same in their poems.)

Meg's "De" Poem

De's mom said, "Define clean up!"
De began to clean up the debris.
As De degrimed, the house shined,
And the mess began to decrease.

Matthew's "De" Poem
(written with a bit of help from Mama)

"I need to defrost," said the 'De' fridge,
"Because I have ice in my head.
But I don't want my food to decay,
So I'll think warm thoughts instead."

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De lightfull