Tuesday, September 02, 2014

We Made It!

"First day of school! First day of school! First day of school!" (Nemo has permanent rights to that phrase and always sounds off in my mind when anyone says it. Rowdy little guy.)

We made it to (and almost through... just one more thing to do) our first day here. Last night right before we finally went to bed, Dave took this fancy panoramic picture of my vanquished school room--and me, at last the victor over confusion and disorder! (Although the rest of my house is telling quite a different story.)
School Room Ready

The kids were excited last night and didn't sleep well, so we had a few minor rough patches through the morning, but overall I'd say it went very well. I wanted it to go well so badly; I had to pray ahead of time for God's help to hold it loosely and not freak out if something bombed... and then I had to hurry and pray some more in the moment when one (or more) kid didn't respond as I'd hoped. "Do NOT freak out! Do NOT get angry!" (Had to be kinda bossy to myself too.)

Some obligatory first day pics here...

Miss "I-Can't-BELIEVE-I'm-in-Third-Grade!!!"

Mr. "If-You-Have-to-Take-More-Than-One-Shot-I-Am-Totally-Not-Cooperating"



Miss "But-I-Can't-Help-It-My-Head-Just-Cocks-Itself!"

See? She can't even smile properly when her head isn't tipped to one side.
There's a surplus of cuteness there, I tell you. It's a problem.

Oh, and here's Mr. "I-Don't-Know-What-This-Sign-Thing-Is-All-About-But-I-Don't-Care-as-Long-as-I-Get-a-Turn-Too"

And now I need to go get ready for our first Poetry Teatime! Polly, put the kettle on--we'll all have Shel Silverstein!


Sandi said...

Go Cara! Nicely done. I love a freshly organized school room myself.
Cute little students you have there.

Shannon said...

They are cute as can be. I miss those little faces so much. But love I get to se the goi9ngs on here on the Blog. Prayers for a good year.