Friday, September 26, 2014

A Diaper-Change Conversation with Graham

Graham: You not change my diaper.

Me: (Unfolding a fresh Luvs) I don't?

Graham: Yeah.

Me: Mommy doesn't change your diapers???

Graham: Nope.

Me: Who changes your diapers then?

Graham: Nana.

Me: Aww. You little punk.

Graham: Aww. I not a punk. I not Es.

Me: You're not?

Graham: No. I not Esme. I not a punkin'.

Me: (Kiss/tickle attack)


nananalle said...

obviously, my diaper changes are the most memorable!

Cara said...

Obviously! I would have thought maybe I'd picked up some of your technique, since you were the one who taught me, but clearly I need to brush up on the finer points!