Sunday, May 06, 2012

Rollin' On a River

I didn't know until yesterday that the Tina Turner song I'm referencing here is actually called "Proud Mary." That's definitely a better song title than "Rollin' on a River."

Of course, this post has nothing to do either with women named Mary or with rivers. It's about rollin'. Rollin' over, that is.

Us'n got a baby who done learned to do it this week. Back to tummy. He looks like he's in slow motion when he does the flip... one, long, smooth movement and he's over! Now hims rolls every chance hims can get. Including in the middle of a 2 a.m. diaper change.
(By the way, these pictures were not taken during the 2 a.m. diaper change.)


Isn't hims too cute?

I think he's proud of himself.
IMG_0869 - Version 2

By the way, the mean old red patches on Graham's cheeks are pretty obvious in these pics. Unfortunately, the elimination of all wheat, eggs and dairy from my diet doesn't seem to be helping his eczema at all. He's back on the steroid cream, which keeps it under control, but just barely. Doctor says we need to take him to a pediatric dermatologist... evidently the nearest one he can recommend is at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Yikes. Hopefully we can get him in before the end of 2012.


Lena said...

Oh I loves hims. His smile is too cute!

Trinity and the brood said...

wait. you say 'hims" too? Yes!!! We are basically related!e