Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, at our small group's monthly ladies' meeting, I always ask a fun question to start the evening. I call it a "warmer-upper." You know--like "ice-breaker," except less cliche (in my snobby little mind, at least).

Tonight's question was: What is one (non material) gift or talent you wish you had but don't?

My answer: I wish that I had a great eye for interior decoration. I'm very content with our cozy little nook of a house and generally don't feel a desperate need to improve it aesthetically, but every now and again I walk into someone's house and just think, "Wow. This is really amazing. It must be nice to know how to do this."

My second answer (prompted by someone else's wish that she could be a runner and look good running): I wish I had goddess legs. I know--how superficial, right? But I have three "best friends" from different seasons of life (high school, college, and ever-since-college), and all three of them have, like... swimsuit model legs. Me? I have thick ankles and quads that won't tone no matter what I do. Oh, and cellulite. So, yeah, I think it would be sweet to have great stems. Maybe in Heaven?

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Will and Sena said...

I am SO with you on both counts, Cara!! So wish I knew how to decorate and have things look pretty, and so wish I didn't have thick ankles, scrawny calves, and fat knees! =) (in my not vain opinion....)

haha.... pretty funny.