Saturday, September 17, 2011

Matthew's Favorite Gift

The pictures from the evening of Matthew's birthday turned out pretty lousy, but I have to at least share these shots of his favorite present. He's been asking for this one for a loooong time, lemme tell ya.

Yep, it's a Spider-Man suit, complete with large, fake muscles. And if Matthew was allowed to wear it every waking moment, he absolutely would. Actually, he's already asked if he could wear it to bed too. (Denied.)

By the way, Grandpa Don and Grandma Jan: the shark-themed Hot Wheels race track has been a BIG hit. Both Matthew and Meg are unendingly entertained by the shark's smart-mouthed comments to the cars. Let's just say you may be glad you left before it was opened... I'm not sure whether or not you would have enjoyed the wild giggling it produces. (Fortunately, I do. So far.)


Trinity and the brood said...

I bought this TODAY at a yard sale for my boys! (along with Superman, a fireman, and a transformer with a mask!)

Dress up box, here we come!

Anonymous said...

We love the photos of 'Spidey' Please tell him hi from us! Glad he like the Sharktrack! giggles are wonderful too! Grandpa Don and Grandma Jan