Monday, September 12, 2011

Esme Is Two!

Look at this child. Would you just look at her?

Is she adorable?

Because I think she's adorable. Like, seriously.

I also think she's two years old. Scratch that. I KNOW she's two years old, 'cause I was sort of there when she arrived on September 8, 2009. And last week marked September 8, 2011, which means... my baby's really not such a baby any more.

But she is sweet. And silly.

She's getting pretty spunky too--she's no longer quiiiite the docile and helpless little thing who used to take whatever her older siblings dished out. She's definitely entered the realm of the two-year old: strong opinions, clear "no's," a definite sense of what's "mine," an occasional tantrum, etc.

At times I'm tempted to use the word "feisty" to describe her. But you should see the sweet kisses she gives each one of us at bedtime.

Esme has a bit of mischief in her, but she also has a lot of nurture.

For quite some time, one of her favorite things has been pulling baby wipes out of their container. Now? She still does it, except that she just takes two or three instead of 17. And when I come in and find her with a package of wipes, she looks up at me with a sweet, hopeful face and says, "Buh-buh. Buh-buh." (Diaper.) And then I notice that she has her baby doll out and is diligently wiping its little bottom, preparing to wrap it up in one of her own diapers, which will completely mummify poor dolly.

It's hard to correct her for disobedience in moments like that.

Esme Rose, I don't think you have any idea how much joy and delight you continue to bring your family, and especially Mama and Daddy. Your hugs, cuddles and kisses are some of our favorite moments in a day. Your laughter at Meg and Matthew's antics and your determined efforts to keep up with them make our hearts smile. And your funny combination of independence and clinginess continue to puzzle us... but we'll take the cling while you still want us close. Our hearts' desire is that you may grow up to serve the Lord Jesus with all of your sweet and spunky self! We love you, Beauty.

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