Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Yep, finally.

Back to the world of blogging after my longest (unplanned) hiatus ever.

Back to the D.C. suburbs after two weeks of family fun and road tripping in the wonderful (very flat) Midwest.

Is anyone still around who wants to read? I won't be surprised if not. But hopefully the catch-up ride will be fun, if you want to come along.

We've got fun pictures to share, adorable antics to relate, a vacation to recount, and... oh, yes, a newish pregnancy to cover. Baby #4 is due in January.

All that and more soon to come...


Julia said...

I am definitely here!! Miss reading your posts and really miss seeing pictures of the kiddos. We are enjoying having your sister around. Aaron LOVES Ari. Talks about him All.The.Time!

Michael Wilbourn said...

I am along for the ride, with great pleasure and thankfulness to the Lord for reuniting us, for as long as you will have me!!

Sandi said...

Glad your back. I always love reading and all the pictures. Baby number 4....wow can't wait.

Love ya

kelly c said...

yay! looking forward to more posts. :)

Shannon said...

Of course I will keep reading. It is fun to keep up with your part of my exstened family.