Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Homeschooling Funny

Even in the midst of sorrow, my sweet little people keep bringing me reasons to laugh...

I spent much of last week getting ready for our first year of in-earnest homeschooling. This week the first pieces of curriculum that I ordered starting rolling in, including a little booklet we plan to use for science, My Body, from Teacher Created Resources. (I am super excited about this one--thanks for the idea, Kel!)

When it arrived, Matthew pulled the book out of the package and examined it for a moment.

"Hey," he exclaimed, "he has vegables on his body!"

Of course, I took the opportunity to acquaint him with the word organs, but from a three-year old's perspective...
...mmm, yep, I can see vegetables.

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kelly c said...

this is so funny! i likewise can see the veggies now that your boy mentioned it. :) glad something of my half baked school ideas was helpful to you. excited to be entering this season with you.