Monday, May 09, 2011


My dear grandfather, my father's father, is at home with the Lord, having passed away somewhat unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. His name was Edward Nalle, but he was "Grandpop" to my sisters and cousins and me, "Daddy" to my parents, and "Ned" to his wife and his many friends. There is hardly a man on this earth whom I respect more than I did him. He is--and will be--sorely missed.

I'd appreciate your prayers for my Gran, my uncles, my aunt, my dad, and all of the extended Nalle clan as we grieve.

And if you're interested, my Uncle Rob's family has a sweet, simple tribute to Grandpop here, and another one to my grandparents's loving marriage here. There are pictures too, which are true treasures, as he was not a man who loved the camera.


Sandi said...

I read Rob and Julia's blog this morning. So sorry my friend. I am praying for your grandmother, dad and the whole family.

Much love to you

Trinity said...

My prayers are with you and your family my friend. I love you.