Sunday, May 30, 2010



The other day I was in Esme's room, ridding my girl of a yucky diaper. Beside her changing mat there is a small, ever-rotating stash of toys that I keep to amuse her (i.e., keep her from rolling over) during diaper change time. On this particular morning, the toy of choice was a small, wooden carrot that Esme really seems to love. Watching her stare at its bright orange smoothness, I wanted to give her its name.

"That's a carrot, Esme. Carrot."

"C-----t!" said Esme.

I paused in mid-wipe, trying to believe I'd imagined the similarity of her sounds and mine, but the doting mommy in me won out. "That's right, Esme! Carrot! Carrot! Can you say it again? Carrot."

"Ffffffffffffffff," she replied.

"Carrot. Carrot? Carrrrrrrot!"

""C-----t!" said Esme again.

"Good, job, little girlie! That's right! You said carrot!" I covered her in kisses and smiled down into her sparkling eyes.

And then my little prodigy stuck her foot in her own poop.

The End.


Sandi said...

Had me laughing aloud.

I remember Journey said her first word-ish (cracker) at 9 months. I was shocked. Then Isaac turns around and says barely anything till 3...go figure.

Thanks for sharing this very memorable moment.

Annie said...

Oh, that's funny!!! Little Miss Esme is growing up. Hope it wasn't too messy of a clean-up for mom! =)

Debbie said...

laughing out loud, my friend! i love your writing.

Lena said...

i wuv her. so glad she let me hold her this weekend. such a special day.

Trinity said...

belly laughs about this one! The comedic timing! :)