Saturday, May 15, 2010

Don't Faint, But...

I'm posting on my blog. With pictures. (Grandmas and Grandpas out there are weeping for joy right now.)

Yesterday I took the kids across the street for an impromptu picnic at our neighborhood playground. It was probably the muggiest day of the year so far--not that hot, but the humidity made it feel much worse than it was. I think my kids were surprised by it. For a while, they did this, which is how they begin their time at every playground:

It was sort of hazy and blinding out. Meg said, "Mommy, it's a sunny day and a cloudy day today!" Matthew said: "Too shiny."

After a short swing, they were ready for food.

Meanwhile, Esme was sitting pretty in the shade.

Matthew, so cute, called this his "cup." And why not? If you don't know the proper word, just commandeer one that works.

The big kids took some brief forays to the climbing and sliding apparatus, but the plastic must have been too hot or something, because they were less-than-usually interested. They spent a lot of time running/walking laps around the perimeter of the playground. Meg strolled her current dolly-of-choice, Betsy.

She brought me back a treasure after one venture: a teeny, tiny, baby pine cone.

Esme, still sitting in the shade, watched the world go 'round. (And 'round, and 'round...)

She's very interested in grass right now (unlike her brother at around the same age [scroll down to the third picture].)

OK, three last shots. This one is Matthew, who was standing immediately in front of me doing something that I would describe as "wagging his bottom back and forth." My son earnestly described his actions as "Mah-yew doing ex-cise."

Her Perpetual Cuteness, Miss Esme Rose:

And Meg, who ended our field trip and shocked her mama by actually asking to go home from the playground! This never happens! She would be outside all day every day if we had a fenced-in yard that would allow for such liberty. But she said she was sweaty, and I concurred.

So we went home and put everyone down for naps. Ahhhhhhhh.

The end.


Julia said...

Hurrah!! Wondered where you were ...... Missed seeing pictures of the kids! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Grandmas are so thankful for modern tech so we can see these lovely guys! They are so adorable! We love hearing about their adventures! Jan

Shannon Anderson said...

So glad your back in action. Know things were quite busy there for awhile wiht Easter and Esther and such.