Sunday, January 03, 2010

Meg Turns Four

Waaaay back in the beginning of December, our little Big Girl had her fourth birthday. Can you believe she's four already?

We started out with a special pajama-clad breakfast at McDonald's. (Yes, the breakfast options are limited here in Smalltown, USA.) Our Miss Birthday was soooo excited!
MLW 4Bday 1

Matthew was too, though you might not know it from this picture.
MLW 4Bday 5

Pretty four-year-old girl...
MLW 4Bday 2

MLW 4Bday 3

Parfaits and hotcakes. There's a balanced breakfast for you. (You got your sugar group, your sugar group, and... oh! The sugar group!)
MLW 4Bday 4

Sweet Esme, along for the ride, gave her big sister the gift of smiles.
MLW 4Bday 6

Later that morning, Meg and Matthew got to spend time with our dear friend Miss Mariel, which is always a huge treat. (I made a quick run to the grocery store for birthday supplies.) After lunch, while three kiddos napped, I turned my attention to The Birthday Meal. This was my first time asking Meg to choose her own birthday dinner and cake. Her dinner pick was quick and easy sloppy joes, which was fortunate, since I needed to devote some time to...

...a Hello Kitty cake! The benign cartoon feline was Meg's request, so I boldly attempted to redeem myself after my last cake attempt. I was much more pleased with the finished product this time 'round.
MLW 4Bday 7

And the response was sufficiently gratifying.
MLW 4Bday 8

After cake and ice cream, Meg finally opened her present from Miss Mariel--an adorable pink "M" hand bag and lots of cute stickers! (She plastered every single sticker on one big sheet of paper, which now adorns our refrigerator.)
MLW 4Bday 9

Taking time out for a birthday smoocheroo...
MLW 4Bday 10

...and then on to other presents! Meg was very kind about letting Matthew help her open gifts.
MLW 4Bday 11

The coveted "panda jammies" that she spotted when birthday shopping for Matthew way back in September--hers at long last!
MLW 4Bday 12

Her other gift from us was a tiny tin tea-set. She and Matthew had taken to having tea-parties, only they were using baby-doll bottles and blocks and plastic Easter-egg halves for dishes and cups. We thought it was time to outfit them with something a little more proper. All the stuffed-animal party-guests in our home seem highly gratified...

And that was the end of our simple birthday celebration.

Our first baby--Meg, our little Boo, our sweet Muffin--is growing up fast! She's matured so much in this last year, taking big strides in self-control and joyful obedience. She loves to help me around the house, especially with anything Esme-related, and her affectionate ways and constant chatter bring us lots and lots of joy. Meggie, Mommy and Daddy are so thankful to God for you! Your "four" was a wonderful year, and we can't wait to see all that "five" holds for you and each one of us as your very blessed family members. We love you, Sweetheart.


Sandi said...

Wow, four already. She really is beautiful. they do turn a corner around 4-5 ish that is so encouraging. All that consistancy paying off.

Happy Birthday Meg!

Kudos to mom for getting ALL three to sleep at once.

Shannon Anderson said...

Has it realy been four years? Meg is turning into a lovely young lady. I can't wait til the next time I get to see her again.