Monday, January 25, 2010

My Third and Fourth Months (by Esme)

My third month (i.e., November) started with a week of supreme happiness for all Wilcoxes, as Grandma Dawn and Grandpa Tom came to visit. They traveled all the way from Michigan, first to see my Aunt Dacia in North Carolina, and then to meet me and hang with my brother and sister. Boy, was it great having them here! I got lots of Mommy-to-myself time that week, since Meg and Matthew wanted to play with Grandma and Grandpa all day every day. Can't say I blame them, either! They seem like pretty great playmates, and I can't wait till I get big enough to join the fun. Hey, Grandma and Grandpa, did you know that Meg whined talked about when you would come and see us again for weeks after your visit?
ERW M34 1

I became a lot more smiley during month three, and a lot more chatty too. In fact, I really surprised Mommy and Daddy by coming out with so many coos, gurgles, squeals and gasps. They say I am their most talkative baby by far. Mommy never tires of listening to me.
ERW M34 8

ERW M34 9

ERW M34 7

And speaking of tiring, there were some sleep changes around here in my third month. For one thing, I stopped getting rocked to sleep before each nap and at bedtime. When I was first born, Mommy and Daddy would rock and/or bounce me at least to a near-sleep stage before laying me down in my pack'n'play. This would take about 5 minutes, usually. Shortly before the three-month mark, however, it started taking 10 minutes, or 15. I was fighting sleep, fighting the soothing process, wriggling and crying hard. So one day, the rocking just stopped. Now I get wrapped up in my swaddle blanket, kissed, and held upright while one brief song is sung. Then it's down in the crib, and if I cry, I cry. But usually only for a moment.
ERW M34 6

I also got started sleeping through the night in month three. For several weeks, I slept from right after my dream feed at 10 or 10:30 p.m. until 6 or sometimes 7 a.m.! Mommy was loving that! Unfortunately, it didn't last for long, and my folks weren't up for trying the cry-it-out method, since I was still sharing their room...
ERW M34 11

In month four, I experienced many firsts: first Christmas tree, first Christmas-Day birthday party for Jesus, first Christmas trip to Virginia, first overnight away from home on Christmas night, first Nalle-family Christmas carol sing, first Christmas lights tour. I'm sure I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
ERW M34 3

There were a just a few other month-four highlights. One was graduating to an earlier bedtime, between 6 and 7 p.m. The other was the good ol' visit to the pediatrician. My four month stats were: 26 1/4 inches (95%), 12 lbs., 4oz. (25%). Our nurse said I'm shaped just like my brother and sister! (Daddy too, Mommy adds.) Our doctor said that I look perfect. And I handled my immunizations beautifully.
ERW M34 10
Are you noticing that I spend a lot of time in the bouncy seat? No, we don't get out much.

I came close to laughing in my fourth month, as Mommy and Daddy pulled out all the stops, tickling and bouncing and peek-a-booing me into a mildly-amused state. But I still haven't come out with a real, hearty, spontaneous giggle. Mommy sure hopes I'm not humor-challenged. She says that if I can't learn to laugh (and laugh things off), I don't stand a chance with the siblings I've got.
ERW M34 2


Shannon Anderson said...

Cara they are so precious. I could eat them up. Thanks for the updates. P.S. Happy 30th

Sandi said...

She is so adorable...the other two are too.

30....What? happy belated birthday ...the 16th right? I can't believe your thirty. It means I turn 40 in less then 2 months.