Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maybe I should rename our blog...

..."The Wilcox Family Hearts the Marcantonios," or something like that. All my latest posts seem to be about the Marcs, and though I do have several non-Marcs posts lined up, I have to get this one up, because... because... well, because I just think it's so cute. ("It" meaning my subject matter, not the post itself.)

So, on Christmas Day, we shared the Marcantonios' big news with our kiddos. (We had to wait until then so they wouldn't squeal to Jack, who was kept in the dark so that his grandparents could be surprised over the holidays). Meg was appropriately tickled, and happily noted that "now the Marcantonios will have three kids, just like us!"

A few days later, our Christmas festivities were on the wane and Meg (I surmise) was starting to dream about the Next Big Event in our lives. Apparently drawing on her recent immersion in the Gospel of Luke, she said wistfully, "Mommy, I wonder when the days will be accomplished for Aunt Jessie to bring forth her new baby?"

Then this morning, when I went into Meg's room to help get her dressed for the day, she was playing with three stuffed bunnies, her "kids" for the day. "Closus," she told me, referring to the blue boy bunny, "his name is Closus."

"Oh," I said. "KLO-sus?"

"Yeah. His middle name is Closus. Hoppy Closus."

"I see. Hoppy Closus Wilcox, huh?"

"No," Meg replied matter-of-factly, "he's a Marcantonio. Hoppy Closus Marcantonio."


Shannon Anderson said...

How cute. Little ones can say the darndest things. How much more observant they are than we give them cedit for.

The Marcantonios said...

Maybe that's what we should name Baby #3! You know what, I think Hoppy is a perfect nickname for our baby-in-the-womb. Thanks Meg!!