Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not to Mention the Big Helper of the Day

This evening as I was getting ready to give the kids dinner, I opened my silverware drawer and noticed that all was not as usual.
Silverware 1

Not only was it all out of order... did you get a good look at that steak knife? Or how about the fork?
Silverware 2
Ugh! Can you say, "Mac and cheese?" Well, that's what I would say, if we'd had any recently...

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but my guess goes something like this: first thing this morning, Meg helped me empty the dishwasher. Matthew had slept in a little late, so I brought him downstairs just as Meg was putting away the last of the (clean) silverware. Later in the day (I surmise), Matthew noticed that there was now more silverware in the dishwasher and helpfully decided to put it away, just as he had seen Meg doing. Hence, the unappetizing disarray greeting Mommy at dinnertime!

It's pretty sweet, really. You have to love those honest, if misguided, early efforts to be Mommy's Big Helper. Now the only mystery that remains is: what is the stuff on that fork?

1 comment:

Sandi said...

I'm most impressed that you don't have crumbs all in your silverware drawer like I do.

Isaac is our silverware man around here and I have found my drawer awry a few times....like when he's in a hurry.

PS got your card...very nice picture. We plan to send a post Christmas picture :o)