Saturday, November 21, 2009


I try to get together with my friend Jess every week. What with sick kids, vacations, and other scheduling conflicts, we probably end up averaging 2 weeks a month. Our kids play together, shriek and giggle and whine together, and in between rescues and interventions and stories and tickles, Jess and I try our darnedest to squeeze in a little fellowship.

And sometimes we take pictures.

We have some rather unorthodox house rules, which make way for our children to climb, tumble, flop and bounce on our ancient, slip-covered, fourth-hand (seriously) couch. The kids seem to like it.
Wilcantonio 1

Wilcantonio 2

(Don't worry; my kids won't try this at your house. Usually.)

Moving on to the brown rocking chair (which also has an interesting history):
Wilcantonio 3

Wilcantonio 4

Those are our coasters they're chewing on, in case you wondered.
Wilcantonio 5

And Emma makes four!
Wilcantonio 6

Wilcantonio 7

"Just the girls this time! Ohhhhhhhhh, sea weed is cool, sea weed is fun, it makes its food from the rays of the sun." Whoops. Got a little carried away there. Should have ended the quote after the girls bit. (Can anyone name that movie?)
Wilcantonio 8

The brunette half of the equation:
Wilcantonio 9

And Emma Kate, her Royal Cutie-Pieness.
Wilcantonio 10

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Jessica said...

Name the movie?! Come on, you make it too easy on us. Nemo!

Thanks for putting these pictures up. The kids are even more adorable than I remember them being when I took the pictures! :)