Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Second Month (by Esme)

Esme Month 2 5
Mommy decided we were going to have to stop titling these posts "One Month Old," "Two Months Old," etc., as if it we were announcing late-breaking news. Since (if the first few months are any indication) we are likely to post these updates consistently late, we'll use nice, ambiguous titles like "My Second Month," "My Third Month," etc. That way it doesn't matter how much time has elapsed between the month we are covering and the month I am actually living.

At my two-month appointment, I weighed 10 lbs., 7 ounces and measured 23 1/2 inches. I did very well with my first round of immunizations, though I cried for a while in a very cranky, "I-feel-sick" way, later in the day. The only noteworthy item, medically speaking, was that a rash that Mommy and Daddy had noticed on my neck turned out to be fungal. This wasn't a huge surprise since, what with spit-up and neck rolls and what the doctor flatteringly called "fat pads" in my cheeks and chin, my neck must be a moist, warm and altogether hospitable place. Daddy has not ceased to refer to "my fungus" and make jokes about the "fungus among us" since he learned about this little problem.

In my second month I continued to be a sweet (Mommy's word), contented baby with a rather serious outlook on life. When awake, my primary expression is an intent gaze--a bright-and-wide eyed, studious stare. There sure is a lot to take in in this big world--even the small portion of it that I've seen so far!

I did start smiling too, mostly at Mommy. She often laughed at me as I worked hard to find my smile: as Mommy beamed down at me, I would stare at her mouth with extra intensity, then roll my own mouth open wide several times like a cow chewing cud. Sometimes it looked like my lips wouldn't find the proper position after all. But when I finally settled into a gummy grin, Mommy would squeal and gush and kiss me and generally make my labors very worthwhile.

Other notable second-month events include weathering my second cold (much nastier than my first) and surviving a minor car accident with my family (I slept through it). I also got to meet my Aunt Jacque, Uncle Asher and cousins Ari and Aylenne. We'll find out for sure at Christmas, but speculation at our first meeting was that I will outgrow the adorably petite Aylenne (five months my senior) pretty quickly.

Now for a few pictures: this is me (unhappy) with my big sister Meg (happy).
Esme Month 2 1

This is me (now happy) with my big sister Meg (who is saying, "Mommy, I'm all done holding Esme"). You can't win!
Esme Month 2 2

Me with my big brother. His tenderness is touching, isn't it?
Esme Month 2 3

Protested self-portrait with Mommy:
Esme Month 2 6

With a headless Daddy:
Esme Month 2 7

Serious face:
Esme Month 2 9

Mommy just barely managed to capture this, my first photographed smile.
Esme Month 2 8

And here's a slightly better one.
Esme Month 2 10

Hopefully we'll have more of those next time!

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Jerusha said...

So sweet. Hope to see more of her sometime soon!