Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gaithersburg Train Station

In September I started a very casual home preschool schedule with Meg--and Matthew too, when he's up for it. We are working our way through the alphabet with one letter each week, doing coloring, crafts and word games related to each letter. Whenever possible, we try to incorporate the letter of the week into our Family Day activities. (For example, in A Week we went Apple picking. In B week we were supposed to go to Baltimore to see Boats, but we ended up staying home and Blowing our noses a lot.)

When G week came along, we headed to the old downtown area of nearby Gaithersburg. The main attraction there, we suspected, would be the train depot, with its cool old buildings and huge antique steam engine. Our kids thrilled to the "live" Amtrak train that came barreling down the line while we stood just a few yards away. (I'll tip my hat to any mom who can see a train fly by her little ones at full speed without her having heart in her mouth until it's safely past.) Here are some pictures from our time hanging out around the station.

Train 1

Train 2

Train 4

I like this one:
Train 5

And I love this one, which was taken by Meg:
Train 3

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