Sunday, November 29, 2009

Artistic Endeavors

Meg only recently began to move beyond the scribble stage in her drawing efforts. I remember quite well the first "person" she drew. We were on our way to Gran's house on the Fourth of July. (I even recall the stretch of road we were on: Route 15 between Leesburg and Gilbert's corner.) The kids were drawing on their magnetic doodle pads when Meg suddenly exclaimed, "Look! A face!" I took the pad from her extended hand and, low and behold, there it was. A face. A flattened-circle head with eyes, a mouth and legs sprouting from its chin.

I'll admit to tearing up slightly when I saw this wondrous creation. I dunno why exactly... it was just so cute! And... well, I sometimes thought she would never get through the scribbling!

Well, many flattened-circle faces later, I finally took a picture of something she drew! I don't know why, but crayon-and-paper drawing times tend to result only in scribbling, while the magnetic pad inspires Meg's more realistic efforts. And it finally occurred to me that taking pictures is the only way to preserve these sketches, before they--zzzzzzzip!--get erased forever. So now, ladies and gentlemen, after far too much ado, I present my Meggy's very first documented landscape, entitled "The Sun."
Meg's Sun
Amazing, right? (That scribble near the top of the sun is its hair bow, ok? Geez, don't you folks have any imagination?)

One other fun medium we've explored lately is playdough. One of the kids' attempts I just found so hilarious that I had to take a picture...
Playdough 1
The sculpture is there between the two artistes.

Here's a close-up:
Playdough 2

I'm not sure why I find this so funny. Maybe it's the flag? Doesn't it sort of look like a badly-designed monument? A monument to... plastic baby-food spoons? Plastic baby-food spoons and mixer beaters? Plastic baby-food spoons and mixer beaters in America?


Mari said...

Other suggestions:
America - the land of the free spoons and mixer beaters.
Spoons and mixer beaters enjoying the freedom they didn't have in their homeland (aka China).

Anonymous said...

Wow, This is destined for a museum....the kids are having a blast!!! jan

Trinity said...

I think this is a monument to motherhood. In America. (Mari's comment cracks me up!!)