Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Marker Mouth and the Ballerina

I am quite overdue to post some pictures of the kiddos! Our camera is partially to blame, being, as they say, on the blink. Basically, it will only power on if it feels like it. The good news is that today it felt like it! So I was at least able to download the pics that were already stored there.

These are some shots of Matthew from a couple of weeks ago. Warning: do not let this child get near your magic markers. He will bite the tip completely off, suck on and/or chew it for a while, and then spit it out at his leisure, in little chewed-up chunks, possibly on your carpet, where it will leave very dark splotches of color that may or may not come out. Yeah, ask me how I know.

He will also look pretty, um, goulish...
MarkerMouth 1

MarkerMouth 2

FYI: Since these pictures were taken, Matthew has had his summer haircut. It is short and really cute. Kind of like Matthew.

OK, Meg's turn. This week my little big girl is taking her first ballet class from none other than her Aunt Lena! Meg's been waiting for this for a looooooong time.

In this case the class is actually a "camp," running one hour a day for five days, which seems perfect for three to five year olds. (That's about all they can handle!) At camp, Meg and her six classmates learn some ballet and lyrical basics, do a craft, sing a praise song, and prepare a dance to present to the parents at the end. The whole thing has pretty much been the highlight of Meg's existence to date. (Second only to going to the beach, I would guess.) These are some shots from Sunday afternoon, when we were doing our "dry run," trying on all of her new dance wear and planning how to do her hair. Important stuff, you know.

Here she is in her very simple ensemble. I grew up studying ballet at a fairly strict, classical school, and this was our mandatory uniform: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, no exceptions.
Ballerina 1

Miss Serious
Ballerina 2

Ballerina 3

And here's a shot of Meg in her "my-hair's-too-short-for-a-bun" do. Gotta get it out of her face somehow!
Ballerina 4

More to come of our little dancer... her performance is on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Meg looks so grown up! What beautiful pictures of them both! I know she is going to have a wonderful time! Jan

Jessica said...

Little Meg is looking more and more like you every day, my friend.