Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Truth I Need

"Blessed be the Lord,
who daily bears us up,
God is our salvation."
-Psalm 68:19

Today I sent this verse to a friend who is a new mommy. It's my go-to verse lately; I think I must have sent it to four or five different people in the last few months. Here's a funny thing about the Lord though: He never lets me believe that I'm a mere minister of the Word, floating ethereally above the poor souls who need this truth. (At least, he doesn't let me believe it for long.)

For example, this afternoon I found myself plodding up the stairs and sinking into, "I am so drained. How will I ever make it till the kids are in bed?" This was less than an hour after I typed Psalm 68:19 into the email for my friend. But the Holy Spirit kindly brought this verse to mind again. "Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up." You can make it through, because I am bearing you up today, giving you strength, keeping your foot from slipping. You can choose to trust me in this moment, to believe that the grace I've promised is there. I am your salvation, the One who has saved your eternal soul! How will I not also see you through this one measly, little day?

Ahhhhhhh. That was what I needed to hear, all right. Isn't this a good God we serve? I'm so thankful that His Word has power to break into my daily life and transform my thinking!

So how about you? Anyone else out there want to share a recent go-to verse and how God's using it?

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