Sunday, June 07, 2009

Outta Here

"Boundless adventures!"
"Adventures, old friend!"

Can anyone name the musical theater masterpiece from which that quote is taken?

We Wilcoxes are setting off on a road trip adventure tomorrow morning. Early. We're hoping to make it to Louisville, KY by dinner time. After spending most of the week with Dave's Dad and Jan, we'll move on to Holland, Michigan, where Dave grew up. There we'll get to mingle with the Beyer clan (Dave's mom's family; she was one of seven children) at a reunion and show the kids around their daddy's former stomping grounds. Next and final stop: Merritt, MI, home of Dave's Mom and Tom. Saturday, June 20th, we'll attempt to make the 12 hour trip from Merritt back to Maryland in just one day. And if we survive all that, you can expect regular blog posting to resume sometime in late June!

We appreciate any prayers you might offer up on our behalf. The trip is getting off to a bit of a rocky start, with Meg getting out of bed every hour or so tonight... for what reason we can't quite figure out. A sleepless night for any or all of us makes 10 hours of driving tomorrow look even more daunting, as you can imagine! If we can, we'll let you know how it goes...

Thanks to all who read and/or pray. Nighty-night.

1 comment:

Sandi said...

Maybe if she doesn't sleep the night she will sleep lots in the car?

And boy does that cute ballerina look like you, Cara!

I remember all those days of shuttling to Hamilton for dance. You were all so little then :o)

I will pray for your trip. Have fun!