Monday, June 22, 2009

Jiggity Jig

Phew! Well, we made it home in one piece after our 13-day, 3-stop trip. This past Saturday, when we logged 16 hours on the road (with stops), made us feel like we needed a vacation from our vacation... but nevertheless, we made it home again. Jiggity jig.

Unfortunately, we don't have many still photos from this trip, since our camera is broken. We do have some video clips, which I may get to posting, but for now, here's a pic that I took on Grandma Jan's camera. It's our annual "Four Generations of Wilcoxes" shot.
Grandma Wilcox 2009
From left to right, we have Dad Wilcox (Dave's father), Meg, Grandma Wilcox (Dave's dad's mom), David, and Matthew. Our once-a-year time with Grandma is a real treat. She is one special lady.

A few brief trip high (and low) lights on the personal front:

-Meg's sudden and unexpected sleep issues. This girl been a great sleeper since colic ended at around 3 months. Now, all of the sudden, she is fearful of the dark, thinking up myriad needs to delay bedtime, waking up to play in the middle of the night, then panicking and refusing to let Dave or I leave her room when we try to put her back down. Also... we suspect that she is sometimes walking/talking in her sleep. Yikes! Help!

-Matthew decided that this trip would be an ideal time to start working on the 12 or so teeth that have been missing from his mouth all this time. Fortunately, this didn't disrupt his sleep patterns much, but it made for some interesting attitudes during waking hours...

-Matthew experienced a vocabulary explosion, adding words by the day and surprising us all with his increased appetite for communication.

-The man of my heart celebrated 33 blessed years on this earth.

But most of all, this trip provided some quality time with our dear family whom we don't get to see nearly enough. And that's worth dwelling on in some future posts.

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