Monday, March 16, 2009

Marcs at the Park II

Phew! Am I overdue to post, or what? There is plenty to share, but let me start by wrapping this little photo-shoot series that I started two weeks ago. Let's see, two weeks since I started posting these, plus two weeks before that, when I actually took these shots, makes these... oh, about a month old! So without any further delay, here's the second half of "Marcs at the Park." We'll call it The Big Kids Edition.

Our favorite Jack-Jack. "Or "Gack-Gack," in Matthewese.
Marcs Park 3

Some action shots of my two:
Marcs Park 4

Marcs Park 5

Marcs Park 6

Matthew on his way up to the big slide:
Marcs Park 8

Marcs Park 9

And Jack hot on his heels!
Marcs Park 10

Here's a cute little series of Jack preparing for take-off:
Marcs Park 14

Marcs Park 15

Marcs Park 16

Marcs Park 17

"Yay!!! I did it!"
Marcs Park 18

And one last shot of me and mine!
Marcs Park 19

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