Friday, March 20, 2009

What She's Saying Now

Meg is cracking us up these days with the odd, cute, dramatic, and otherwise notable things that come out of her mouth. Here's a sampling, recorded so that we don't forget what our girl was like at 3 and-a-quarter years old.

Right now, Meg likes to...

...refer to her brother as "Obee" and to herself as "Tootsie." The "Tootsie" came from Nana, who is wont to address her loved ones thus from time to time. The "Obee"... well, we have no idea. It came from Meg's head. But Tootsie and Obee it is around here. (Except for me. I still call them "Boo Boo" and "Bug." I know. I am so behind the times.)

...get her syllables mixed up. I like the way she refers to periodicals. "Mommy, can I read the mazagine?" exaggeratedly tragic. Yesterday our friends left our house without saying goodbye to Meg (she was still in her room for nap time). When I went to get Meg and told her that they were gone, her response was a pitiful, "Oh, Jessie, Jack and Emma! I'll never see them again. I'll never, ever see them again!"

...mispronounce certain letters. She hasn't been able to form a "v" sound properly yet. This sometimes yields comical results. My husband never fails to be amused by this one, in particular: "Mommy, can we watch Weggie Tales?"

...obsess over nightwear options. Meg loves pajamas. Apparently, she thinks about them all day long, because it is often still early in the morning when she begins to ask, "Mommy, what jammies can I wear tonight?" Much hangs on my answer, let me tell you. If the snowflake jammies are clean when the flower jammies are preferred, or if the fuzzy pink jammies with the mice and the moon and the stars are denied her because it's a warm night and they make her sweat too much... well, just stand back and watch the tears gather in those big blue eyes.

...ask adorable questions. I'm sure this is way cuter to me than it would be to anyone else, but I still have to write it down. Meg has recently started to gain more sensory awareness. Several times a day, usually at mealtime or diaper-changing time, she will sniff the air daintily and ask in the most demure little voice, "What's dat I'm smelling?"

...rename songs. One of the ditties on our scripture songs albums is called "Rock Eternal." As in:

Trust in the Lord forever
For the Lord, the Lord
Is the rock eternal

Except that Meg thinks the song is called "Rocky Turtle." Our poor child, thinking that the Lord is a rocky turtle. Please pray that this won't have lasting implications for her theological health.


Sandi said...

I think the Rocky Turtle takes the cake. I laughed outloud. The part I am missing is hearing it live :o(

Mike and Sarah said...

Cara, I love how you use your blog to bless us with your wit and writing gift! So much fun!! - Sarah T

Lena said...

gotta love those weggie tales. haha!