Saturday, February 14, 2009

This is my Valentine.


This is an old picture, and one of my favorites ever. It's rare that I take a photo where you can actually see his wonderful blue-green eyes. But here you can. I like that.

We've made a little Valentines-mobile in our dining room, with red-and-pink construction paper hearts hanging from the chandelier. (It's the best that this ugly, brass-finished lighting fixture has ever looked, believe me.) Each of the hearts is from one family member to another. Dave's for the kids are my favorite.

The first one is red. It reads:

To Matthew, from Daddy. I love...
-your "mm-bah!" kisses
-reading you stories
-when you put your head on my shoulder

One of my favorite things is the way you look when you're sleeping.
I love hearing you say "Dada."
Let's play piggies again soon, OK?
And then I can throw you on the couch and zerbet your belly-button.


The second one, pink, says:

I love your hugs and kisses!
I love praying with you.
Playing "Who's gonna get you" is so much fun!
And thanks for being such a good helper to your mommy!
I love doing puzzles and riding the sit & spin and going to Red Robin and checking on you at night and listening to you talk.
Can I take you on a date soon?
Love, Daddy

Yes, he's a great Daddy. And he's an even better husband, if you can even believe that such a thing could be possible. He's my Valentine. And I love him.

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