Monday, February 23, 2009

How To Go Down a Slide (by Matthew)

Since God sent our camera back to us, Mommy said I could do a post with some of the pictures that were on it. So today I'd like to show you how to go down a slide, in six cute easy steps.

Step 1: Climb to the top of the slide and check to make sure it's all clear.
MIW Slide 1

Step 2: Turn yourself around and prepare for the mount.
MIW Slide 2

Step 3: Carefully lower one foot into the mouth of the slide.
MIW Slide 3

Step 4: Place your other foot in the mouth of the slide. This is the step to watch out for; it can be just a little tricky. If you find, as I sometimes do, that your second foot gets stuck on part of the slide or maybe your own coat as you bring it around, you may need to call in your mommy for assistance. Try whining a little bit, or saying "Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" with a gradually increasing volume level to get her attention.
MIW Slide 4

Step 5: Push yourself down the slide. Don't forget to say, "Wheeeeee!"
MIW Slide 5

Step 6: Wiggle to the end of the slide and dismount carefully.
MIW Slide 6

Repeat on as many different slides as you can find!
MIW Slide 7

And remember--the more you smile, the longer your mommy will let you stay at the playground!
MIW Slide 8

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